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Sunday, September 05, 2010

My Mini-Vacay

I can't believe I have been back in Maui for two weeks. Part of that time was spent in a sinus infection haze that I am only now coming out of. I really wish this pesky cough would go away.

Usually after you lead a team overseas, you get to have a week off to rest. My co-leader, Joey and I both signed on to staff another school, the SBFM, which starts September 11th. Because of how close the schools are together and the limited training time, we were unable to have a real week off. Thankfully our school leader, Trevor allowed us to miss some of the mandatory base activities. Last week we ended up getting every afternoon off except Friday and all day Tuesday and Thursday off.

My student, Maddie's parents came in town and stayed at a hotel on the resort side of the island. They invited us to come and stay with them so me and my student, Sarah drove over there Monday afternoon and spent the night. It was so much fun! Maddie's parents were so generous and got us our own hotel room and paid for all our food. Maddie had a ton of trashy magazines to read so we lounged around the room reading those, watching TV and eating snacks! So fun! What an amazing change from outreach and our YWAM base! The hotel was right on the beach so we got to swim and play in the hot tub. I felt like a real tourist and it was just what I needed. The time felt even longer than 24 hours and I am so glad I went. It was the perfect way to separate the DTS I had just staffed from the SBFM I am about to staff, especially since half of my students are doing this next school. I am so thankful for that time of refreshment and I am now ready to begin my next assignment...at least I think I am.

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