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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


The title of this post is an accurate reflection of how I feel. There are different stages when you are DTS staff and I am at the exhausted stage. We are at that point where outreach to Asia is frighteningly close and yet we still have a very full schedule. It's hard to get everything done. Due to a miscommunication, I had to spend all of Monday morning getting our visas ready to send out. We wanted to send them out that day but their photos had not been developed and therefore the whole package couldn't be sent. It was quite frustrating. Luckily I was able to finish it up and have it mailed off today. Please pray that it all happens in a timely fashion so we get them back before we have to leave. I am loving my students but the logistical details are threatening to drown me. In an effort to continue looking to the positive, I will tell of the fun part of my weekend.

One of our students, Shannon has lived on Maui since she was two. We don't get a lot of local students, though we'd definitely love to have them. Shannon has been such a blessing in sharing her home and family with us. Her parents are out of town so on Saturday night we had a girls' night at her parents' house. I was a little apprehensive about fronting all the money for pizza and snacks. I was afraid I would get stuck paying for it all. It ended up perfectly. We had enough snacks and I only had to pay $5 just like everyone else. Yay! We gorged ourselves on snacks and then played my favorite game, Loaded Questions. There were too many people to play it correctly so we just tried to make each other laugh. It totally worked.

After playing LQ, some of us went in Shannon's hot tub. YWAM makes everyone a little weird about wearing bikinis since we have so many rules about where and when you can wear them. It's funny to see how awkward we can be about it even when it's just a bunch of girls. I am not sure the hot tub was a good idea for me this time. The weekend before I had burned my stomach in a weird stripe. (Don't ask.) Being in the hot tub totally made it start peeling. Ewww. I am really hoping the stripes aren't permanent.

After hot tub fun, we continued to gorge ourselves and watched "The Devil Wears Prada." It was so nice to be in a real house hanging out. I also really enjoy spending time with the students. I can really see myself becoming friends with them after our co-leader/student relationship is over. I am also so thankful for my car. It is so much easier to spend time with my students when we can get off base and go somewhere fun on the island. I've even been taking one student to breakfast every Friday morning before worship. Those of you who know me should be super impressed that I am waking up that early.

So it's crazy but fun. There's nothing I would rather be doing right now than walking beside these students as God draws them closer and closer to Himself. And I am so grateful for the privilege of taking them to Asia!
From L-R, My student, Catie, my staff friend, Daena and my student, Shannon sippin' frosties in my car

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