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Friday, August 15, 2008

Got my shoes tied tight, i hope i dont get in a fight, back to school, back to school. ...

I am finally feeling like I am in here in Houston for a while, well at least until this school year ends.

I have been attending a lot of trainings and setting up my room pretty much all week. I am trying to get used to waking up early again. This year I want to have quiet times with God before school. It always makes a difference in my patience and mood.

I wasn't sure what I would be teaching this year. Luckily, I will be staying in third grade. This will mean a lot less work for me this year. I am also no longer teaching social studies. This is good and bad. I really like social studies and helping the kids think on a more golbal level. But only teaching one subject means less grades and less lesson plans. I am hoping to be able to devote more time to Young Life this year.

When I am not at school, I am usually watching the Olympics. Swimming/The Michael Phelps show was interesting at first but now I am tired of it. I look forward to track and field starting soon.

I have also been reading a great book called, "Stuff White People Like." It is just hilarious. I recommend it to everyone.

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jocelyn said...

I was totally just singing that song in Target the other day as I was shopping for school supplies...The only problem is I have no idea what kind of supplies one needs for law school. Maybe it is just like 3rd grade. I was thinking about buying some map pencils, a box of tissues and hand soap. I mean any professor would appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness, right? I miss you a lot....Our lives are crazy but we should talk real soon. I need to hear about this place you call "China"
love you

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