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Friday, January 05, 2007

Hard Stuff

It's hard to love and care about people sometimes. My heart hurts right now because I have found out that a girl I mentored, discipled and poured my heart into, is making some harmful decisions. It hurts me because I love her. It makes me not want to love anyone so I can't get hurt but I know that is neither healthy nor realistic. I feel like this post is already leaning towards philisophical but I suppose that's the mood I should go with and not fight it.

I just hurt so much when my friends are suffering. I read in a book called Red Moon Rising about a guy who was part of a big 24 hour a day prayer movement. His sister had anorexia and he didn't want to pray for her. He couldn't figure it out since he was part of this prayer ministry. But he realized that he didn't want to have to really feel her pain. When we really care about people and pray for them, we do feel their pain and it is difficult. I have prayed for the girl I mentioned above so much and I am sure that is part of why this is so painful. I know that she makes her own choices and even these bad decisions now don't negate all the progress she made but it still hurts. I am not going to give up on loving and caring about people but this is definitely the part of it I hate. Please pray for my friend.

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Anonymous said...

I feel ya Hightower, I'm going through the exact same thing right now with one of my friends. It hurts for reals. But it's kind of, this is gonna sound weird, but it's kind of an honor, we get to feel a small measure of the pain that Jesus felt and feels. it makes me try harder in my own life to make sure i don't cause Jesus pain. It hurts now, but don't give up! Because Jesus isn't giving up. That's the conclusion I've come to. I know you love your friend, and i'm sure you've talked to her about how you feel in this situation, but after doing that only prayer and Jesus can help her. It's hard to hear I know, but it's the truth. Love you. Keep fighting the good fight.

Stapleton (Omaha)

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