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Friday, October 20, 2006

Hard times

Things are not too easy here right now. Rachel, one of my students, is in the hospital and so is my co-leader, Matt. They have both had high fevers, muscle pains and delerium. It has been intense. The doctors think they have Dengue fever.

Unfortunately they are in different hospitals so I have been going back and forth a lot. I currently feel sick as well but I don't think it is Dengue fever. I think my haried schedule and lack of sleep has caused my sinus infection to come back. This just complicates matters. Please pray that we will get better and that Rachel and Matt can come home from the hospital.

I don't like being the only leader. Seeing Matt in the hospital brought tears to my eyes. He is a big tough man and it is so hard to see him weak. My healthy students have been a big help.

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